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Toporrimario of Spain

The 50 Provinces of Spain in Toporrimas

About the Book

Take on this imaginary trip through Spain with 50 curious poems written only with place names of the 50 provinces of Spain: in addition to having fun, they can help you to loosen your tongue, sharpen your memory, and improve your diction in Spanish. «Toporrimario» is a linguistic bank of pronunciations since toponyms act as different parts of a sentence and will pose a certain challenge to anyone. Alone or in the company of your family, friends, co-workers, and students, you will have fun!

Reciting «Toporrimario» may help you to:
  • improve your cognitive performance or «peak brain performance»,
  • stimulate your imagination, geographical thinking, and linguistic-verbal and logical-mathematical memory,
  • improve your ability to understand ideas: remember, inhibit and prioritize mental tasks,
  • exercise your vocal cords and improve your speech: pronunciation, articulation and vocal resistance,
  • improve self-confidence, communication skills, and vocal-span control,
  • acquire eloquence and improve your negotiating and diplomatic skills.
  • improve your sense of humor and help you disconnect from stress to preserve mental health,
  • generate topics and ideas for social and coaching events,
  • immerse yourself in an innovative way in a different culture and soak up the different perspectives, making you aware of the diversity and cultural richness of Spain, and
  • exercise in cases of language and speech disorders and in combating memory loss.
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Written only with place names, the poems will help you sharpen your memory and improve diction and modulation.

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Get to know the provinces of Spain with the 50 poems created using only place names! You will have fun and learn.

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Depending on how it is read, the text can be dramatic, funny, tense, sensual, romantic: the records will help you.

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