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Interactive Map

«Toporrimario: provinces of Spain in toporrimas»

As we begin to shape distance education and prepare for the future, map reading skills will help us to acquire and improve competencies in geography and to maintain our cognitive skills and spatial thinking, which are crucial in maths and sciences. Here you will find two maps: a map of the provinces with the individual poem, and a map of the provinces following the very exact words from each respective poem.

Going on a trip is an exciting adventure, but planning is probably even more exciting. Although it was not possible to mention all the places, the Toporrimario is a functional tool that will allow you to get to know Spain from one point to another and will provide you with at least one poem from each province that you can share to start a conversation. A map is a connection with the memories you have in a place and it will inspire you to learn and explore more.

Toporrimario: Interactive Map of Provinces

We propose you this interactive map of the provinces with the individual poems that allows you to zoom in and out of a specific point, scroll and consult poems from each province that are grouped by autonomous community and with different colors. Find in the section after this one the map with the tour planning for each poem.
To use a map:
1. click on it to activate it,
2. click on the place you want to see, and
3. read the poem.

Toporrimario: Interactive Map of Individual Poems